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White Shirts for Women

Shirt Care

Shirt Care

Keep your shirt looking as good as the day you bought it with these tips...

Washing Instructions

  1. Undo all buttons before washing to minimise strain on the stitches holding the button onto the shirt.
  2. Cold or warm machine wash.
  3. Do not tumble dry.
  4. Iron the shirt while it is still damp with the iron on a medium to hot setting - this will give the smoothest, most professional finish. While it may seem fiddly, it's easier than re-dampening the shirt for ironing once it has dried.
  5. Begin ironing from the tips at the back of the collar and iron towards the centre. Turn over and iron the front of the collar also from the tips to the centre. This will help avoid creasing at the front of the collar..
  6. After ironing, place the shirt on a hanger to air, with the top button fastened.
  7. Starch: Should not be necessary with White Shirt Shop shirts. The fine Italian fabric should provide enough form without it.

Other Tips for extending the Life of your Shirt

White shirts need a bit of extra care. These tips will help you keep your white shirt looking sparkling white for longer

Only wash white with white. If you don't have enough white clothes to justify a separate load, especially considering water shortages, consider handwashing.

Ensure any underarm deodorant has fully dried before putting on your shirt.  If you are concerned about perspiration stains, give the aea a quick spray of stain remover and handwash that evening.